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GAAGO is a subscription based sports channel from RTÉ and the Gaelic Athletic Association

Enjoy gaelic games?

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A ‘Pissed-off GAA fan’ writes:

Over the past few weeks there have been some class GAA matches on. If you live outside of Ireland it means you need to access GAAGO to watch them legally. You can pay €79 for all games – hurling and football, which is fine if you’re into both sports and you have the cash.

If, on the other hand, you just wish to watch choice hurling or football matches it costs €10 a game. Last Saturday there were three hurling games back to back. That would have been a whopping €30 to see all three games – what is this, the UFC?

This weekend, Tipperary vs Galway and Clare vs Waterford will cost €14 each! A €4 increase per match for whatever reason.

Can both the GAA and GAAGO realise that not every Irish person abroad is raking it in tax-free in Dubai, particularly students or now unemployed gastronomy workers like myself.

Under normal circumstances people could probably chip in and watch the games together, but eh, maximum household rules and all that. Irish sports bars are also shut.

I get that there are no ticket sales this year, but it’s largely an amateur sport and we’re paying extortionate prices to watch the games online abroad.

My county, Tipperary, will play an historic Munster final on Sunday, but there’s no way I’m forking out more for that. I’ll do what I did for the Leinster hurling final…listen to it on the wireless. Get with the times GAAGO.