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Gavin PriorBetween Breaths

Here’s what you may need to know…

1. Guitarist/producer/improv veteran Gavin Prior returns with latest solo LP All Who Wander, available now for preorder on Bandcamp via Deserted Village. Single Between Breaths is streaming in the widget above.

2. Currently of free jazz/metal lads Tarracóir and acapella group The Primal Barber Trio, he’s also been part of folk outfit United Bible Studies and improv group Murmansk.

3. Among the host of musicians he’s improvised live with are Can vocalist Damo Suzuki, world-renowned cellist Okkyung Lee, and London reductionist-school harpist Rhodri Davies.

4. Previous solo works The Avalon Suite (inspired by examples of second-language English while teaching in Korea), and Babbleon Cork (a series of field recordings completed while resident in Shandon’s Guesthouse) are now available for free download.

Verdict: A man with an extensive and intriguing body of work across original compositions, improvisation, and field recordings continues his journey.

Gavin Prior