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Hairdryerd1 Hairdryer2Vincent Browne was joined by Off The Ball/Irish Times’ Ken Early (centre) and Jonathan Healy (right), of Newstalk, to discuss Alex Ferguson stepping down from Manchester United.

And the Irish Sun‘s front page on the same subject.

Vincent Browne: “In the Sun, they’ve a great, great cover in the Sun, ‘The Hairdryer’. That with which Alex Ferguson was famously associated. He threw a hairdryer, I think, at David Beckham, in the..is that right?”

Ken Early: “No.”

Browne: “Who did he throw the hairdryer at?”

Early: “The hairdryer is a metaphor for the, for the current of, hot air generated by furious blasts of temper.

Jonathan Healy: “There was a boot?”

Browne: “Yes, it was a boot he threw..”

Early: “There’s all kinds of stories about what happened to David Beckham. I mean, there was a..Ferguson said he kicked a boot. Maybe he did. There was, there was other stories about it. But it wasn’t a hairdryer.”

Browne: “Oh, sorry, I thought it was, I always thought that he threw a hairdryer at David Beckham, which I thought was quite appropriate. Ehm.”

Watch here. Go to 26.04