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This afternoon

Myles O’Reilly writes:

Someone threw away a small albino ferret at Petra Café on Clonbrassil Street [Dublin 8] The timid little thing was noticeably cold. I have taken him inside.  if you can help or know anyone who is willing to foster [contact at link below].

Myles O’Reilly (Facebook)

Thanks Dara Munnis

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Kosuke Sato works as a tombstone salesman in Chiba Precfecture in Japan, assuaging the morbid concerns of his day job by creating miniature restaurant and bartending dioramas for Ginji (the handsome chap at the top) and other members of his collection of adorable hamsters.

He also keeps miniature ferrets, but they tend to occupy low-level administrative or accounting positions within the group.

More rodentine barista action at Sato’s blog.