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Sports Broadcaster Jacqui Hurley launches CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) Ireland’s new freephone helpline service to ‘support grieving families that have lost a loved one to sudden cardiac death or for those affected by the diagnosis of a cardiac condition’.

CRY Helpline: 1800 714 080

CRY Ireland

Leon Farrell / Photocall Ireland

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Avi Barot, 29, Saurashtra cricketer suffers cardiac arrest, passes away:

Abou Ali, 22, professional footballer collapses on pitch during game:

Fabrice NSakala, 31, Besiktas defender collapses on pitch during game:

Jens De Smet, 27, footballer collapses on field, passes away of heart attack:

Jente van Genechten, 25, footballer collapses on field due to heart attack:

Frederic Lartillot, French footballer collapses in changing room, passes away due to heart attack after game:

Benjamin Taft, 31, German footballer collapses after game, passes away due to heart attack:

Rune Coghe, 18, Belgian footballer suffers cardiac arrest on pitch:

Helen Edwards, referee taken off court during World Cup qualifier due to heart issues:

Dimitri Lienard, 33, FC Strasbourg midfielder collapses during game:

Sergio Aguero, 33, Barecelona star striker admitted to hospital for cardiac exam after match:

Emil Palsson, 28, Sognal midfielder collapses due to cardiac arrest during game:

Antoine Méchin, 31, French triathlete suffers pulmonary embolism following Moderna:

Luis Ojeda, 20, Argentine football player unexpectedly passes away:

Greg Luyssen, 22, Belgian pro cyclist ends career due to heart issues:

Pedro Obiang, 29, ex-West Ham star suffers myocarditis post vaccine:

Cienna Knowles, 19, equestrian star hospitalised due to blood clots.

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Emil Palsson fell over in the 12th minute of the match against Stjordals-Blink at the Fosshaugane Campus stadium in western Norway.

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Via News9Live:

Icelandic midfielder Emil Palsson collapsed during a football game in Norway’s second division Monday evening after suffering a cardiac arrest, his football club Sogndal said.

“Emil Palsson had a cardiac arrest in the 12th minute of play. Palsson was successfully resuscitated, and then flown to Haukeland Hospital for further examination and treatment,” club Sogndal Fotball said in a statement.

In June, a similar event occurred when Denmark’s Christian Eriksen suddenly collapsed from a cardiac arrest during his country’s opening Euro 2020 game against Finland.

Emil Palsson: Footballer collapses from cardiac arrest during game in Norway (Independent.co.uk)

Footballer collapses from heart attack during game in Norway (News9Live)

Pic: twitter

Yesterday: ‘Irregular Heartbeat’