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How big?

The Camden Bar, Camden Street Lower, Dublin 2.

Sarah Halpin writes:

Owned by the Murry Pub Group and powered by Samsung, The Camden Bar takes the Irish pub to the next level with its new multipurpose entertainment venue.

It features a massive 303″ Samsung LED video display, which is the largest pub screen in the UK and Ireland.

If the Samsung Wall wasn’t enough, the venue also features sixty-five Samsung 75″ displays and five 65″ Samsung displays dotted throughout the bar.

No matter where you’re situated within the venue, you’ll be sure to catch every goal, try and basket from multiple angles.

Three hundred and three inches.

Pics: Samsung Ireland

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A rare, curvaceous 1957 Jaguar XKSS .

In 1957, a fire at Jaguar’s Browns Lane plant in Coventry destroyed every unfinished XKSS chassis. This car was one of only sixteen to have been shipped before the fire.

Having won a series of races in Canada between 1957 and 1961, it was fully restored to Concours quality by its current owner, who acquired it in 1997.

Yours right now for a mere $16,000,000 (€15,000,000)


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This afternoon.

The Aviva Lansdowne Road Nua, Dublin 4

Sports Ministrer Shane Ross launches a public consultation process on the development of a new National Sports Policy Framework with Republlc of Ireland football manager Martin O’Neill (top and pic 3) and Paralympic Paralympic Bronze medalist Ellen Keane (pic 2).

The aim of the consultation process is to give all stakeholders the opportunity to feed into the development of the new National Sports Policy which “provide a framework for sport in Ireland over the next ten years and will set the agenda for Sport Ireland”.


Full document here

The closing date for submissions is January 6, 2017.

Stakeholders to have their say in National Sports Policy Framework (MerrionStreet)



Rugby with weapons.


Seamus Cassells writes:

“I play a sport called Jugger, its sort of like a 5-aside game of rugby, where four players on the team are armed. So it looks like like a cross between rugby and fencing. It’s a very fun sport, and is actually quite big in some places internationally even though its very small here. We’re holding a an international tournament on the 7th and 8th of June where German, Spanish, American and Irish teams will be competing, and want to spread the word so people can come see what its like and enjoy the spectacle. We’ve been representing Ireland in quite a few Jugger tournaments abroad, and we’re looking forward to doing it on our home ground again. The girl in the air is Marion, one of our players btw.”


There’s no one on earth he’s afraid of.

His father’s paternal grandfather was Irish.

Matthew Fitzpatrick, 18, said in his post victory interview with Jessica Marksbury following the victory at the 2013 U.S. Amateur Championship:

“I’ve not had a chance to check my Twitter, other than the followers have gone through the roof, which is strange and nice at the same time I guess. It could be a hectic next few days I think..”


Watch out Rory.

The Boston Globe



Killarney Adventure Race is an epic one day multi adventure sport race taking place in “the adventure capital of Ireland”, Killarney, County Kerry.

The race gives competitors the chance to run, hike, cycle AND kayak some of the most dramatic, breath-taking and remote scenery in the world.

Four events.

You have until October.


“We are all looking forward to a summer brimming with sports events from the European Championships to the London Olympics. Our hopes are high with anticipation and expectation and it is no wonder, given the talented, primed and professional athletes we are fortunate enough to have representing us.

We can learn some lessons from them. They have achieved excellence in the sporting field, not by virtue of luck or by accident, but because they are thorough in their planning, methodical in their preparations and they leave nothing to chance.

…Similarly, there is no shortcut to getting Ireland back on track. I hope that we in Government have tried to be frank and honest about that. There are plenty of opponents of the fiscal treaty who will claim that we can magic our problems away, but we cannot. We must continue in the quiet, determined way in which we have tackled this financial crisis since it began. We must work steadily and with determination towards Ireland’s recovery, and voting Yes to the treaty is an essential element of that.”

Lucinda Creighton: No Easy Solution To Ireland’s Woes But Yes Vote is Only Way To Go (Irish Times)

“In football, there is the following expression: he reads the game well. All good players read the game well. The same goes for rugby. Today, you will hear commentators say about Brian O’Driscoll that he reads the game.
This means that Drico can see where the game is going, where the next play is and how to either deal with it or seize the opportunity. In soccer, the player who reads the game knows where the ball is going next. They used to say this of Roy Keane. It is the same for all major sports.

Many years ago, I spent a summer working in Canada, where the national hero at the time was Wayne Gretzky, the brilliant ice hockey player. Gretzky was so good that, when he retired, his number – 99 – was retired from all North American professional hockey teams.

His most famous quote followed a simple question from a commentator about why he was so successful. Gretzky didn’t even think, he just responded as if it were the most simple thing in the world: “I skate to where the puck is going, not where it’s been.”

Our politicians and those who negotiate for us, whoever they are, would do well to listen to the sportsmen. Head to where the ball is going, not where it’s been.”

David McWilliams: The Game Is Only Beginning (DavidMcWilliams.ie)

Cartoon by Blower (Daily Telegraph)

Thanks Andrew Murphy