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‘The Footy Show‘ on Australia’s Channel 9.

The first mainstream discussion on a possible link between the covid vaccine and the spate of cardiac issues among elite athletes.

KN writes:

Well, it’s start…(@1:06:18 )…


Brownlow medallist speaks after Footy Show stars’ shock medical claim (News.com.aus)

Novak Djokovic

This morning.

Via Forbes:

Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic has been drawn in the lineup for the Australian Open, which begins on Monday, despite uncertainty over whether he will be allowed to remain in the country as the Australian government weighs canceling his visa after disputing his medical exemption to the country’s strict Covid-19 vaccine requirements.

According to the lineup, Djokovic—the men’s tennis world number one, top seed for the contest and returning champion—is set to open against fellow Serb Miomir Kecmanovic.

Djokovic’s participation in the tournament is not guaranteed, however, and Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke is still considering revoking the player’s visa.

Hawke is expected to announce a decision on Friday, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, which would likely force organizers to reshuffle the draw before the tournament begins on Monday.

Novak Djokovic Drawn In Australian Open Despite Looming Deportation Decision (Forbes)


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Tottenham Vs Chelsea.



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….via Football 365:

‘…It puzzles and angers many that in England so many footballers won’t get the jabs. While male footballers may not be massively different in numbers to any other young men in their 20s and 30s in their hesitancy to get vaccinated, with roughly 25% not interested, they are, in other ways, very different to us and this explains their anti-social choice.

….The body fascism that has berated and bullied women for not being the right shape and size since the dawn of time now also bullies men into being more well-built, more well-hung. Thicker, longer, harder, bigger. It is a mentality only endorsed and amplified by pornography. The internet generation has been raised with these values totally absorbed into their cultural DNA.

So every male footballer, having grown up with this hyper-physicality as part of their self-identity, is not divorceable from being a body-conscious physical specimen and this is what makes them susceptible to rumour and half-baked notion about vaccines making you impotent (why not ask someone who’s had it if they can still get hard?), or infertile (why not ask someone who’s had a kid in the last 18 months?), or grow an extra head (hey, actually that could be useful at defending near-post corners).

They’ll take any pill or needle if it facilitates better performance on the pitch (and is legal, obviously). So refusing one which will stop you being ill, or being as ill and helps stop others being ill too, shouldn’t be a great leap of understanding. But it is for some. It is, literally, mental.

The only thing impotent about anti-vaxxers is their naivety (John Nicholson, Football 365)



Referee, Trevor Moloney, abandoned the match in Hibernian Park, Burt, at half-time.

The Finn Valley side’s star forward had been having an outstanding game for his team, and had scored 1-3, when he appeared to go to the ground.

The young man was unable to get up and was attended to by officials and medical personnel before being helped to the sideline.

He remained there for about 15 minutes before an ambulance arrived.

Breaking: U21 hurling final abandoned after player becomes ill (Donegal Daily)

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Adelaide, Australia.


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Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne’s return to pre-season training has ended abruptly for premiership star Jake Lever, who fainted on the track.

Lever collapsed on the far side of the ground at Casey, after a gruelling running drill.

The 25-year-old was immediately attended to by club medical staff, who huddled around him for about 20 minutes. Both coach Simon Goodwin and head of football Alan Richardson also showed concern for the defender’s wellbeing.

Jake Lever collapses in scary incident at Demons’ first pre-season training session (9News)


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Avi Barot, 29, Saurashtra cricketer suffers cardiac arrest, passes away:

Abou Ali, 22, professional footballer collapses on pitch during game:

Fabrice NSakala, 31, Besiktas defender collapses on pitch during game:

Jens De Smet, 27, footballer collapses on field, passes away of heart attack:

Jente van Genechten, 25, footballer collapses on field due to heart attack:

Frederic Lartillot, French footballer collapses in changing room, passes away due to heart attack after game:

Benjamin Taft, 31, German footballer collapses after game, passes away due to heart attack:

Rune Coghe, 18, Belgian footballer suffers cardiac arrest on pitch:

Helen Edwards, referee taken off court during World Cup qualifier due to heart issues:

Dimitri Lienard, 33, FC Strasbourg midfielder collapses during game:

Sergio Aguero, 33, Barecelona star striker admitted to hospital for cardiac exam after match:

Emil Palsson, 28, Sognal midfielder collapses due to cardiac arrest during game:

Antoine Méchin, 31, French triathlete suffers pulmonary embolism following Moderna:

Luis Ojeda, 20, Argentine football player unexpectedly passes away:

Greg Luyssen, 22, Belgian pro cyclist ends career due to heart issues:

Pedro Obiang, 29, ex-West Ham star suffers myocarditis post vaccine:

Cienna Knowles, 19, equestrian star hospitalised due to blood clots.

Yesterday: Young Hearts

Monday:  ‘Irregular Heartbeat’

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Pisa, Italy.


It’s coming home.

2022 Women’s FIH Hockey World Cup – European Qualifier?

On his first day in office, Joe Biden (top) banned discrimination based on gender expression

This morning/afternoon.

Further to Joe Biden’s executive order that would enforce the US Supreme Court’s 2020 Bostock v Clayton decision declaring that :

“Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the rest room, the locker room, or school sports…..All persons should receive equal treatment under the law, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation.”

Via The Guardian:

The order, mandates that every agency must act to ensure the enforcement of this new rule within 100 days of 20 January.

Crucially, it states the Bostock decision should also apply to Title IX, the federal law that prohibits discrimination in federally funded schools, in keeping with Biden campaign promise that his Department of Education would investigate and address any violations of transgender students’ rights. States that fail to comply would risk legal action or the loss of federal education funding.

Last year, bills to restrict transgender athletes’ participation to their sex recorded at birth were introduced in 17 different US statehouses…

Joe Biden’s gender discrimination order offers hope for young trans athletes (The Guardian)


In Bostock, the justices held that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited an employer from firing an employee on the basis of homosexuality or “transgender status.” Justice Neil Gorsuch, writing for a 6-3 majority, took pains to clarify that the decision was limited to employment and had no bearing on “sex-segregated bathrooms, locker rooms, and dress codes”—all regulated under Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments. “Under Title VII, too,” the majority added, “we do not purport to address bathrooms, locker rooms, or anything else of the kind.”

The Biden executive order is far more ambitious. Any school that receives federal funding—including nearly every public high school—must either allow biological boys who self-identify as girls onto girls’ sports teams or face administrative action from the Education Department.

If this policy were to be broadly adopted in anticipation of the regulations that are no doubt on the way, what would this mean for girls’ and women’s sports?

“Finished, done,” Olympic track and field coach Linda told me.

Joe Biden’s First Day Began the End of Girls’ Sports (Abigail Shrier, Wall Street Journal)


MO, from The Art of Sport, has been combining his love of fine art and sports photography, since lockdown started.

he has now amassed a collection of 100 such artworks (at link below), including his latest (above).

Can you name the painting and the sporting moment?

The Art of Sport

Previously: When Sports And Arts Collide

JD Sports and Peter Mark in Dublin City centre

This afternoon.

Via RTÉ:

All sporting activity is set to get the green light to resume from 29 June under plans going to Cabinet this afternoon, RTÉ understands.

However, individual sporting organisations will decide how best to proceed after that date.

It is possible, according to Government sources, that most organisations might decide not to return to competitive action for some time.


It is expected that the reopening of hairdressers and barbers will also be brought forward.

It is also understood that gatherings of up to 50 will be allowed indoors from 29 June under the proposals set to be tabled at Cabinet today.

This would rise to 100 from 20 July. Outdoor events will see crowds of 200 permitted from 29 June and this would increase to 500 from 20 July….

Right so.

Sporting activity set to resume from 29 June (RTÉ)