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This morning.

After a 12-month suspension due to quality issues in regards to PULSE data from An Garda Siochana, the Central Statistics Office resumed releasing its recorded crime statistics.

However, the new figures have been released under the proviso ‘Under Reservation’ because PULSE data is subject to several ongoing reviews and doesn’t meet the CSO’s standards for accuracy.

The revised homicide figures show between 2003 and 2016, there were three deaths wrongly categorised as murder, 196 road deaths which should have been classified as dangerous driving deaths and 41 deaths which should have been recorded as manslaughter.

The CSO also released its recorded crime figures for 2017 – also under the ‘Under Reservation’ tab…

Recorded Crime (Central Statistics Office)

Conor Lally, in The Irish Times, reports:

The Policing Authority has told senior Garda management that checks made to establish if all homicides were investigated properly were not robust enough and must now be carried out independently.

Last year, it emerged that 41 out of 524 killings deaths needed to be further examined, amid concerns some should been registered as murder c ases. Twelve were subsequently reclassified as homicides.

Now, however, the Policing Authority, which is chaired by the former head of the Revenue Commissioners, Josephine Feehily, has raised questions about the results of the two-stage Garda inquiry.

In the first phase, Garda data analysts checked classifications, but they did not have sight of the full case files so they had no way to check if the investigations were sufficient for suspected murder, not manslaughter, or a lesser charge.

…During a private meeting last November, senior Garda management was told by the authority that form of review was not good enough because it lacked independence.

According to minutes from the meeting, the Policing Authority questioned whether such an approach was “sufficiently robust, relying as it did on a review by the person who conducted the initial investigation”.

The authority members told the Garda that a new review, independent of those officers involved in the original investigations, was needed. The Policing Authority has confirmed it awaits an update on that instruction.

Policing Authority orders homicide review despite Garda assurances (The Irish Times)