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Unlike regular hourglasses, which measure the passage of time by the fall of sand granules, the Awaglass by Norihiko Terayama does the opposite, ‘obscuring temporal awareness’ with a display of bubbles passing upwards, allowing the glazed-over viewer to appreciate the moment as opposed to focussing on what’s to be done a minute or an hour from now.

$38 (€33.70) here.


It’s obvious how the Awaglass by StudioNote measures time. But how much time?

Frankly, who cares? You don’t spend ¥5250 (€54.60) on this class of a yoke because you need a chronograph. You buy it to turn over and over in your hands, slack-jawed, mesmerised by the bubbly shenanigans.

Then one day, you crack it open when you run out of Fairy Liquid.


[vimeo clip_id=”22396483″ height=”” width=”640″]

Australian designer, Marc Newson reinterprets the most iconic timepiece of all at the Glaskeller factory in Basel, Switzerland. Each hand-made hourglass is made from highly durable borosilicate glass and filled with millions of stainless steel nanoballs.