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HSE CEO Paul Reid

This morning/afternoon.


Over 340,000 Covid-19 vaccines were administered last week in Ireland, HSE CEO Paul Reid has said.

Mr Reid said that in excess of 52,000 vaccines were given on four of the the last seven days. On Thursday, 59,000 were administered, he said.

Yesterday, the Covid-19 vaccine registration portal opened to people in their 30s, starting with people aged 39.

Over 47,000 people aged 39 registered on this portal yesterday, according to Mr Reid

Over 340,000 Covid-19 vaccines administered last week (RTÉ)


Vaccination centre in the Aviva Stadium

Via The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA):

‘A total of 67 reports have been received describing an individual who was known to have been vaccinated and subsequently passed away. Of these, 58 were reported with an mRNA vaccine.

The remaining nine fatalities were related to adenoviral vector vaccines or brand unknown/not specified. The types of events reported mainly include fatalities often seen in the general population, such as those due to natural causes, progression of underlying disease.

In some cases, the individuals concerned tested positive for COVID-19. For a number of reports, the cause of death was unconfirmed at the time of reporting, with post mortem results awaited.

Reports describing a death are carefully reviewed. However, it can be expected that fatalities due to progression of underlying disease or natural causes will continue to occur, including following vaccination. This does not mean that the vaccine caused the deaths.

In January, the EMA undertook a specific review of reports of fatalities following mRNA vaccination, and did not identify a safety concern. In most cases, progression of (multiple) pre- existing diseases was considered a plausible explanation.’

Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) safety update, June 17.

Safety Update: COVID-19 Vaccines — Overview of National Reporting Experience — 17 June 2021 (HPRA)




Moscow hospitals to deny routine treatment to patients who refuse Covid-19 vaccines, as Kremlin warns skepticism is costing lives (RT.com)