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Same sex marriage.

And large blade-based slaughter.

Take it away Iona Institute’s Ben Conroy

But can the state really guarantee this right? Let’s look at a couple of examples.

One of the people who’s pretty convinced that the right to a mother and father means nothing is journalist Vincent Browne. But imagine if a mad axe-man were to sneak into the TV3 studios of an evening and kill Vincent and his unfortunate panel stone dead.

The state could certainly prosecute the man after the fact: but that would be no good to Vincent. His right to life would stand thoroughly un-vindicated.

The example need not be so drastic: people have accidents, get ill, grow old. In the end, the right to life is completely unguaranteeable.

What’s that you say? The state can’t absolutely guarantee any right, but it can do whatever is reasonably possible to ensure rights are vindicated? Precisely.

How can the state preserve Vincent Browne’s right to life in the mad axe-man scenario? It can employ police officers to keep an eye out for masked men with large blades; it can pass laws making it illegal for people to carry axes on the street; it can disincentivise the axe-man from going on a murder spree using the threat of prison.

It can also take more indirect measures: trying to ensure that as many children as possible grow up in circumstances that minimise their chances of becoming axe-wielding maniacs; using the law as an educator to help create an anti-axe-murder culture. In fact, the state doe all of these things!

So it makes perfect sense to talk about vindicating rights even when that can’t be done with certainty. In fact, if you can think of any right that can be guaranteed with 100% of the time, I’d love to hear from you, because I can’t.

Right so.

Is the right to a mother and father meaningless? (Ben Conroy, The Iona Blog)

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David Quinn.

Going to Northern Ireland.

That’s all they need.

Dear Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly,

Stormont Hotel, Belfast
Wednesday 24 April at 4pm

From the

In anticipation of the debate on the forthcoming Sinn Fein motion calling for “legislation to allow for same-sex marriage”, you are cordially invited to a short presentation entitled “Why we should not change the definition of marriage”, sponsored by the Catholic Council on Social Affairs.

The presentation will be given by Mr David Quinn, a leading social and religious affairs commentator and director of the Iona Institute, who was one of those who argued in favour of the established definition of marriage at the recent Constitutional Convention debate in Dublin. There will be an opportunity for questions following the short twenty minute presentation.

The presentation will take place tomorrow, Wednesday 24 April, at 4pm (for 4.15 pm) in the Stormont Hotel, Belfast. Tea/Coffee will be available on arrival.

In the interest of an informed and balanced debate on this issue of fundamental importance to the future of marriage and the family, I hope you will be able to attend. We expect the event, including presentation and questions, to last approximately 45 minutes.

The Catholic Council on Social Affairs is the advisory body to the Catholic Bishops of Northern Ireland on social and political affairs. It is chaired by Cardinal Seán Brady. The deputy chair is Most Rev. Noel Treanor, Bishop of Down & Connor.

Thank you for taking time to consider this invitation.

With every good wish for your important work on behalf of all in our

Yours sincerely,

Fr Timothy Bartlett
Catholic Council on Social Affairs

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