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From top: Jobstown trial aftermath (above); this morning’s Irish Times

This morning.

Despite the jury in the Jobstown trial returning a unanimous verdict of not guilty against the six men charged with the false imprisonment of former Tánaiste Joan Burton and her assistant Karen O’Connell…

…and the front page coverage of the verdict in The Irish Times this morning which focused on how  Solidarity TD Paul Murphy had been warned earlier this week by the DPP in relation to him tweeting about the trial…

And the same newspaper’s editorial saying:

“… the claim by supporters of the defendants that the charges were a politically motivated attempt to stifle protest should be treated with the derision it deserves.”

“… Campaigners produced partisan running commentary on the trial. Activists systematically used social media to criticise and impugn the motives of those who gave evidence.”

“… We were always asking a lot of jurors by expecting that they cloister themselves away for the duration of their service. In the age of Google, Facebook and Twitter, when everyone is a publisher and information is more accessible than ever, that expectation has become increasingly untenable.

But the Jobstown trial highlighted the challenge more sharply. By harnessing social media on such a scale, systematically chipping away at one of the pillars of our jury system, those campaigners have done themselves and their cause a great disservice.”

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From left: Michael Banks, Paul Murphy TD, Kieran Mahon, Michael Murphy, Scott Masterson and Frank Donaghy (far right)

This morning.

The six men accused of falsely imprisoning former tánaiste Joan Burton during a water charges protest arrive at the Central Criminal Courts of Justice as the jury begins its deliberations.

The men – Paul Murphy, Kieran Mahon, Michael Murphy, Frank Donaghy, Michael Banks and Scott Masterson – all deny the charges.


From courtroom 13…

More as we get it.

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This morning.

Outside the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

Labour TD and former tánaiste Joan Burton; Solidarity TD Paul Murphy and broadcaster and journalist Eamon Dunphy arrive for the trial of Mr Murphy and six other men.

The six other men are Kieran Mahon, of Bolbrook Heights, Tallaght; Michael Murphy, of Whitechurch Way, Ballyboden; Scott Masterson, of Carrigmore Drive, Tallaght; Ken Purcell, of Kiltalown Green, Tallaght; Frank Donaghty, of Alpine Rise, Tallaght; and Michael Banks, of Brookview Green, Tallaght.

The seven men are charged with falsely imprisoning Ms Burton during a water charges protest in Jobstown, Tallaght in November 2014.

Burton recognised Murphy only at Jobstown rally (RTE)



Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 17.18.47

On Friday, the above clip was played in the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court during the Jobstown trial.

The clip is from the day in question in Jobstown, Tallaght, Dublin on November 15, 2014.

In the video, Ms Burton is heard telling Ms O’Connell:

“Well, what you should do now is go, well, don’t really talk to Paul first, but you should just go on social media and say it was just shameful, all the little kids who were there and nobody minding them, nobody looking after them. They were just free to roam the streets.”

Last Friday, the Irish Independent reported:

Asked about the comment by Mr [Padraig] Dwyer [SC], [Joan Burton] said: it was “just chat” and there was no intention to send out a social media message.

Joan Burton denied being relaxed during protest as footage showed her laughing (Irish Independent, Shane Phelan, Friday, April 28)