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timber2timber4timber3timberlakeFurther to the earlier Timberlake in Phoenix Park post.

Colm Cusack writes:

After the Justin Timberlake gig in Phoenix Park last night we were guided into a bottleneck exit by Heuston. There were no signs or explanation from the stewards and the queue didn’t move.

Tempers flared and people broke the fence and people got trampled on. Gig was great security was really poor despite all the talk after the Swedish House Mafia. Also the 20 minute walk from stage to Phoenix Park entrance had no lighting which was really dodgy and a few people needed medical attention after falling over.

Acquired last year by Specific Media, MySpace, the distinctly out-of-vogue California-based ‘social entertainment destination’ has been revamped from scratch and, while not yet available to the public, is being promo’d with a new teaser video.

A new ‘social TV service’ called MySpaceTV is also in the offing.

Justin Timberlake – one of the new owners – has been lending his celebrity twitter account to, you know, bring sexy back.