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Marine Le Pen and French President Emmanuel Macron

This afternoon.

French President Emmanuel Macron accused his far-right challenger Marine Le Pen of lying to voters about her campaign platform as he sought to rally support two days before the French presidential election’s first round.

Via Reuters:

Macron, whose re-election seemed a foregone conclusion just weeks ago, is now facing a stiff challenge from Le Pen. Her solid comeback in opinion polls has put her victory within the margin of error in some surveys.

“Her fundamentals have not changed: it’s a racist programme that aims to divide society and is very brutal,” Macron told Le Parisien newspaper. “There was a clear strategy (from Le Pen’s camp) to hide what is brutal in her programme.”

Le Pen told broadcaster Franceinfo that she was “shocked” at Macron’s accusation of racism which she rejected, saying her programme aimed at putting the rights of French people first, regardless of their origin.

Macron hits out at Le Pen, regrets entering election race late (Reuters)


Marine Le Pen far exceeded her father’s shocking second-place 16.86% score in the 2002 presidential race. Even if it was not enough to get her to the second round, the extraordinary score confirmed her presence at the head of the anti-immigration National Front party and in France’s political landscape for years to come. A drop in voter intentions for Sarkozy in the final weeks of the campaign appears to have swung to the far-right camp.

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