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A few of the birds which went missing from Marlay Park, Rathfarnham in March

In March.

At Marlay Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.

Several rare exotic birds from the park’s aviary went missing during the snowfall.

Further to this…

Cónal Thomas, in the (newly overhauled) Dublin Inquirer, writes:

Des King’s diamond doves, New Zealand kākārikis and budgerigars are still missing.

They have been since March, when heavy snowfall covered the aviary in Marlay Park, and some of it collapsed. Around twenty-four exotic birds escaped.

The enclosure was buried under 10 or 15 inches of snow. So it’s little surprise it caved in, says King, who has been aviary watchman there since 2013.

“The snow blew up in drifts onto the roof,” he says.

In the last six months, he has tracked down 10 of the birds and brought them home, with the public’s help. More than half of those that escaped are still on the loose, though

Six Months After the Snow, Exotic Birds Are Still Missing from Marlay Park (The Dublin Inquirer)

Pic: Rathfarnham Gardening Club (Facebook)


Further to troubles for ‘revellers’  departing Arcade Fire at Marlay Park, Rathfarnham, Co Dublin on Sunday.

And ahead of a brace of concerts over the next few days.

Colm Hanley at promotors MCD writes:

“The Promoter is not licensed to, nor do they operate any transport to and from the Marlay Park Dublin concerts. Transport to and from the venue is a matter for individual ticket-holders themselves, whether by means of car-pooling, cycling, walking, or by availing of the LUAS, Dublin Bus service (which is providing an enhanced bus schedule along with additional buses to take concert-goers directly into the City after the concert), or by making an advance return booking on the ‘Marathon coaches’ special shuttle bus service operating directly between the City Centre and the concert venue, or finally, by hiring a taxi.
Fans who attended the concert/sto date and planned their return journeys in advance, encountered no unforeseen difficulties with their travel arrangements. Concert-goers should make use of public transport or car-pool and allow themselves plenty of additional travel time (an extra 2 hours travel time) as traffic delays are inevitable despite the implementation of the ‘Garda Traffic Management Plan’ and ‘An Garda Siochana’s Security Operation….”



You may recall the shoulder standing hi jinks from this pair during Arcade Fire’s performance on Sunday night in Marlay Park, Rathfarnham, Co Dublin.

Conor O’Quigley writes:

“Regarding your post  Here are 2 pictures from a different angle…”




What a painful-looking moose knuckle view.

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Marlay Park, Ratharnham,  Co Dublin, last night.

Darren Devereux writes:

Just a note on security at the Marlay Park gigs.I was at the Kasabian/Noel Gallagher gig last night and just thought that the security was OTT. We had to queue 3 times to get to the queue to enter the event. At one of the queues we were given a plastic bag (above) to put ‘anything you have in your pockets’ in. Then we were patted down thoroughly by one guy and sent over to the next guy who gave us the once over with a metal detector. After the sound came back on (power went down for a while), in the pit there were security guys going round in groups of 8-10 telling people to ‘stop jumping’ which was hilarious to watch. But hey, at least nobody was stabbed!! The system works!