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The dog who was thrown over a wall on one of the very cold nights.

This is him NOW:

And with large new pal Lexi.

Miriam Kerins at the DSPCA sez:

When our inspectors rescued Maurice he was largely unresponsive, was suffering from hypothermia and our veterinary team didn’t think he’d make it.  But he’s a little fighter and even though he is doing really well, we are taking it each day at a time.

Lexi is also a rescue dog but has been adopted by Colleen who runs our coffee shop. Lexi visits Maurice every day because she wants to mother him.



But safe now.

From Dublin SPCA:

Meet Maurice, the 3-week-Old Jack Russell terrier puppy. The DSPCA received a call on Friday from a member of the public who found this little fella in their back garden. He had been thrown over the wall during the night. It was a wonder he survived the night as temperatures were below freezing.

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