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This morning/afternoon.

Inchicore, Dublin 8.

Vera Twomey with supporters on the final day of her 260km walk from her home in Cork to the Dáil.

Vera’s walk is a protest against decisions to restrict her seven-year-old daughter Ava, who has a rare form of epilepsy, from accessing cannabis-based medication.

Worsening health has forced Vera to finish her journey in a wheelchair.

Vera is expected to arrive at Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2 at approx 3pm today.

All welcome.

Previously: Vera Twomey on broadsheet.

Picture: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ie



Vera Twomey with supporters on Kildare Street, Dublin 2 this afternoon

G’wan Vera.



Vera Twomey and People Before Profit Gino Kenny TD on the plinth at Leinster House this afternoon.

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

Vera Twomeyt’s daughter Ava has Dravets Syndrom,an extremely rare drug resistant epilepsy.

Martin McMahon writes:

William Brooke O’Shaughnessy was born in Limerick in 1809. He first studied medicine at Trinity in Dublin before transferring to the University of Edinburgh in Scotland from where he graduated in 1829.

O’Shaughnessy joined the British East India Company in 1833 and moved to Calcutta, remaining in India for approximately nine years where he fulfilled the roles of surgeon, physician, professor of chemistry at Medical College and Hospital Kolkata.

His medical research led to the development of intravenous therapy and introduced the therapeutic use of Cannabis sativa to Western medicine.

O’ Shaughnessy established his reputation by successfully relieving the pain of rheumatism and stilling the convulsions of an infant with cannabis.

This led O’Shaughnessy to declare that “the profession has gained an anti-convulsive remedy of the greatest value”. In 1856 he was knighted by Queen Victoria.

Today, Vera Twomey is walking from Cork to Dublin to fight for medical cannabis for her daughter Ava who is denied access to medical cannabis by draconian and unnecessarily restrictive conditions established under Health Minister Simon Harris.

Thanks to a famous Limerick man we know the science is solid, it remains to be seen if the actions of a brave Cork woman can overcome these nonsensical and damaging restrictions.

You can follow Vera’s long walk on twitter #veratwomey

Martin blogs at RamshornRepublic

Petition: Medicinal Cannabis Leglislation To Save Our Daughter (Change.org)

Pics: Jim Coughlan


Fwee next Tuesday?

Fweed.ie writes:

Volunteers needed for photocall next Tuesday morning at 10.30am at Grand Canal Docks to promote awareness of the Cannabis for Medicinal Use Regulation Bill 2016

Wear a t-shirt, hold a sign and have your photo taken to help promote tolerance ahead of the Global Medical Cannabis Summit taking place the following day in Dublin and which has invited experts from all over the world to talk about medical weed…


Fweed (Facebook)


Tristan Cahalane

Ireland’s Colarado-bound diaspora.

Not all looking to get high.

Maureen Meehan, in High Times, writes:

Another Irish immigration to the US is taking place, but this time it is not because of the potato famine or the economic deprivation it caused in Ireland for decades.

This is the story of Irish people who regard themselves as the first “international medical cannabis refugees” seeking treatment in Colorado.

Yvonne Cahalane left her small community in Cork, southern Ireland, for Colorado with her 2-year-old son Tristan who suffers from Dravet syndrome and has up to 20 seizures every day.

Growing desperate, Yvonne launched a crowdfunding page and raised enough money for herself and Tristan to travel to Colorado last December. Tristan is being treated with CBD oil and THCA, and has regained the ability to speak and his seizures have subsided.

Since that time, another Cork mother, Vera Twomey, has thought of doing the same with her 6-year-old daughter who also has Dravet syndrome, a rare and catastrophic form of intractable epilepsy that begins during infancy.

With around five cases of Dravet syndrome in Ireland and 8,000 Multiple Sclerosis patients, it is becoming more and more common for families to be forced to decide between their home and their health.

Irish Are Emigrating in Search of Medical Marijuana (High Times)

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