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prizeA licence?

For software?


Would you like to impress your small business-owning boss (should you have one)?

Prepare to snivel.

We have two – yes, just TWO – 1 year licenses to Microsoft Office 365 Small Business Premium, worth €150 EACH to give way as part of the #getitdoneIRL  project, a Microsoft Ireland Small Businesses initiative.

Darragh writes:

It has all the features and programmes of Office, with the benefit of it being ‘in the cloud’, so it’s available wherever there is an internet. There’s also business-class email, a public website, web conferencing, and document sharing – all easy to manage, without IT expertise.

Perfect for anyone that has an old (or dodgy) copy of Office and would like an upgrade, sez Karl.

To enter, just complete this sentence.

My boss/small business needs this because our current programme cannot____________________

Lines close at 6pm SHARP.


Meanwhile, there are over €5,000 worth of prizes being given out today between #getitdoneIRL, the Microsoft Ireland Facebook page, the Microsoft Ireland Work Smart LinkedIn Group. See who is winning what here.

No tickets, favours, Microsoft products were given for this post.