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This afternoon.

A University of California professor is suing his college over a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, saying people with natural immunity shouldn’t be required to get the shot.

Via ABC7

Aaron Kheriaty, professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at the University of California, Irvine, says he contracted COVID-19 in July 2020. He points to scientific research showing that people infected with COVID-19 develop durable immunity to the virus and argues the university’s vaccine mandate is unfair.

“I feel like I’m being treated unequally,” Kheriaty said. “If my immunity is as good, indeed, very likely better, than that conferred by the vaccine, there doesn’t seem to be any rational basis for discriminating against my form of immunity and requiring me to get a different form of immunity.”

An Israeli study, which was published last week and hasn’t been peer-reviewed, shows uninfected, vaccinated people are around 6 to 13 times more likely to get a future infection than those who are unvaccinated and recovered from COVID-19. The vaccinated group is also 7 to 27 times more likely to develop a symptomatic future infection than the COVID-recovered group. Several other studies also have pointed to the durability of natural COVID-19 immunity.

God-given immunity?

Or Bill Gates immunity?

Only you can decide.

California professor sues university over vaccine mandate, citing natural immunity (ABC7)