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Sarah McCall and Eider Leite (no, really) at the press preview for Forbidden Fruit (on at the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin, over the weekend) this afternoon.

Damn pastel-swathed Summery Hipster duo.

Meanwhile, here’s the booze ‘rider’ for headliners New Order. It would have been more if Peter Hook was still playing

1 Bottles Stolichnaya Vodka 1 litre size ( On Ice )
6 Bottles GOOD QUALITY Chardonnay ( On Ice )
2 Bottles GOOD QUALITY Dry Rose min 12% proof. ( On Ice )
2 Bottles GOOD QUALITY Cabernet Sauvignon
2 Bottles GOOD QUALITY Cava ( On Ice )
2 Bottles GOOD QUALITY Sauvignon Blanc ( On Ice )
2 Case’s Corona (Bottled) (On Ice )
1 Case local Beer ( Bottled ) ( On Ice )
1 case of Bulmers (On Ice)


Thanks Barry H

No cash, favours, free passes, etc. were given for this post