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oconnell 2o'connellSome manner of sit-down protest on O’Connell Bridge, Dublin within the past 25 minutes.

Thanks Michael O’Riordan


oc3Classic parking, in fairness.

Thanks Brendan


oc4Michael O’Riodan writes:

A new banner has arrived.


Meanwhile, underneath…

bridgeTwo crafty Dubs take the river home this evening.


bridge 5

Michael writes:

Not sure if you can make it out but smaller traffic turning and going the wrong way. Reminds me of the days before the one way system.

Carlisle1 Carlisle2 Carlisle3Dublin’s O’Connell Bridge used to be called Carlisle Bridge, pictured top in 1794.

Construction work to widen the bridge began in May, 1877 and was completed in August 1880, bottom picture. It was then renamed O’Connell Bridge.

The trams were still able to run along the tramlines over the River Liffey during the construction work, as seen in middle picture (1879).

Three years is a bit long though, in fairness.

Project history of Dublin’s River Liffey bridges (Michael Phillips and Albert Hamilton)

Hat/tip: Joan Byrne