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tycdinners flyer-01 (1)

A restaurant for TWO?

At a secret location?

Are you completely insane?

Ahmad Fakhry writes:

“I am from designgoat, a design studio in Dublin 8, and we are taking part in OFFSET’s Transform Your City project. For this we have made a very small pop up restaurant in a secret location and have hired five amazing chefs from Ireland to put up a unique dining experience. There is only two seats in our restaurant and we are giving the dinners away for free. 

Across five nights we will seat two people a night in a small box, right next to the chef, breaking down the barrier to the kitchen and allowing a flow of conversation, education and banter between the chef and diners.

We are asking people to go to College Green, Dublin, take a picture of the miniature restaurant we have placed at the feet of the Henry Grattan statue in front of Trinity College, and tweet the picture with the hashtag #TYCDINNERS, to enter the draw. We will select a winner the day before each dinner.”

But won’t the chef ruin the romanNOMNOMNOMNOM