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John Finucane, son of murdered solicitor Pat Finucane speaking at a mural unveiled at the former site of Andersonstown Barracks, Belfast marking the 25th anniversary of his death.

Pat Finucane killing: Why murder of lawyer is a death that never went away (Brian Rowan, Belfast Telegraph)

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Facilitating Murder



Richard Waghorne and Michael Finucane exchange pleasantries yesterday over the death of Michael’s father, Pat, a Belfast solicitor murdered in front of his family (including Michael) at his home in 1989 by the UDA/UFF.

Now that‘s attorney-client privilege.

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Previously: Facilitating Murder

Update: We have been asked to clarify that Richard Waghorne no longer works for the Irish Daily Mail as a columnist as we had earlier stated.

Mr Cameron said the report also answered questions about how high the collusion went, finding ministers had not been involved – but that they may have been wrongly advised.
He added: “Sir Desmond is satisfied there was not an overarching state conspiracy to murder Patrick Finucane (above).
“But while he rejects any state conspiracy he does find, quite frankly, shocking levels of state collusion. He is, and I quote, left in significant doubt as to whether Patrick Finucane would have been murdered by the Ulster Defence Association in February 1989 had it not been for the different strands of involvement by elements of the state.”


British agents ‘Facilitated The Murder’ Of Belfast Solicitor Pat Finucane During The Troubles (UK Independent)

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