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Awkward, in fairness.

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“There is no question of more resignations helping this situation. And I want to reassure the wider taxpaying community in Ireland that although we have yet to receive any funds, these funds will be wholly focused and fully delivered in a fully accountable way by this City of Culture…”

Pat Cox on RTE’s Nine O’Clock news last night following the resignation of his former assistant Patricia Ryan as CEO of Limerick City of Culture.

The Irish Daily Mail this morning reports that Ms Ryan (who was to be paid €120,000 for her 18-month contract) had already earned €37,800 in consultancy fees [to advise on the culture initiative] by Limerick County Council before being hired as chief executive officer

Ms Ryan received €700 a day during a six-month period prior to her appointment at a board meeting attended by Pat Cox.

Controversy continues following Ryan’s resignation (Independent.ie)

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Meanwhile, from the archives…

“…Gone is the day when the commissioners can hide behind the shield of the treaty which says they have collegiate or collective responsibility. When everyone is responsible, no one is responsible. In politics, and I don’t know was it FDR or who it was who said in the United States, “The buck must stop somewhere”. You can’t have buck passing that’s what bureaucrats do. In politics you need accountability…”

“…as politicians, the buck must stop with them. They must be accountable before the bar of public accountability in a parliament, on the record and the rot of irregularity, mismanagement and of fraud, which by the way and Padraig has said right on the record of the house, as a man who named names.”

Pat Cox defending Pee Flynn on that Late Late Show appearance in 1999.

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)