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Is it just us.

Or is this kind of thing happening a lot recently?

Thousands of banking customers are still facing delays to payments as an ongoing technical issue with Ulster Bank affects lodgements to accounts.
Ulster Bank said up to 100,000 customers may have been affected by the problem.
Although Ulster Bank said delayed lodgements made overnight on Tuesday have now reached accounts, there was no indication this afternoon of when the issue may be resolved.

Thousands Hit By Ulster Bank Glitch (Carl O’Brien, Ulster Bank)

Padraig Callaghan writes:

I’ve (reluctantly) attempted to pay the household charge FIVE times now – from different PCs and connections – and have not been able to even get as far as the payment page (see screenshot above)…I’m laughing inside at the thought of having to pay a fine if I don’t get it in by end of week!


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It just gets better and better.

The Department of the Environment has said that post offices are not collecting payments for the household charge over the counter and no arrangements have been made to allow this.

Household Charge Cannot Be Paid At Post Office (RTE)

Varadkar: Majority Will Pay Household Charge When Fines Kick In (Breaking News)

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)