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Alan writes:

“I have an appointment to receive a new Public Services Card. In section 2, it states I need to bring a “Property lease, Tenancy agreement or Receipt for payment of Household Charge”. I’m a home owner but haven’t paid the Household Charge and won’t be paying it. Is this another way of keeping tabs on the ordinary citizen?”



In Kenny’s backyard.

Mayo News reports:

“A hearing date has been set for the first ever prosecutions in the country for the non-declaration of the household charge. A judge at Westport District Court last week put the charges in for hearing on July 4 next, for the non-declaration of the household charge against Pether Anthony (Tony) Keegan of Belcare, Westport.

“Summonses were issued against Mr Keegan in relation to six units located at The Quay, Westport. Mayo County Council became the first local authority in the country to issue summonses against householders for the non-declaration and payment of the controversial household charge.

“Tony Keegan’s High Court challenge has questioned the validity of the household charge. He has named ministers Phil Hogan, Alan Shatter and Michael Noonan as among those he says are in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.

“Mr Keegan’s challenge states that the defendants wilfully neglected and disregarded a demand for information and answers about what he claims is an unlawfully concocted local government household charge.”


First household charge case to be heard this July (Mayo News)

Paul McSweeney.

Chief Executive of the Local Government Management agency.

We paid for him to go to Harvard.

NC writes:

Heard this guy on Morning Ireland earlier. So if you’ve already paid the household charge but you receive a warning letter, it’s up to YOU to contact them. Otherwise you get another letter, then a fine. You hardly expect them to fix their f**kup, do you? Irish efficiency boys, best in the world.


Thousands Of Household Charge Warning Letters Sent In Error (RTE)

Yes, that letter.

From Leaders’ Questions this morning (In response to a question from Gerry Adams).

Enda Kenny: “Now, Clare County Council made its own decision here, Deputy Adams. And it took the decision to issue letters in relation to the dispersal of the Higher Education grant for this year, and asked, in that letter, for applicants to indicate if the household charge had been paid in respect of the relevant household. And that was in addition to questions that are normally asked by councils on a routine basis, asking in letters about, in relation to payment of other charges, including the non-principal, private residence, water rates and commercial rates, as is appropriate and as apply.
“So the Household Charge question was added in order to facilitate Clare County Council’s information-gathering about who has actually complied with what is a requirement to pay the Household Charge. And I understand that Clare County Council also felt it appropriate to emphasise that the Household Charge is funding local services and local facilities for people in Co Clare. And, as you’re aware, it’s unfair that Neighbour One can say: ‘I’ve paid my charge but you didn’t pay yours and you think you can get away with it’.
“I might say to you that Section 7 of the Local Government Act of 1983,  Deputy Adams, provides that where a sum is due to a local authority, under any enactment, and at the same time another sum is due by the authority, to that person, the former sum may be set against the latter. But I can confirm to you that no monies have been withheld by Clare County Council, in respect of Higher Education grants. I think it’s entirely appropriate Deputy Adams, it’s entirely appropriate that as public monies, as public monies fund the processing of these applications that the local authority is entitled to find out whether Persons X has paid the household charge or not.”

Top, from Left: Joe Higgins, Paul Murphy MEP,  Joan Collins TD and Clare Daly TD outside Labour Party HQ in Ely Place Dublin, earlier.

Fresh threats of a mass revolt similar to the ongoing household charge boycott have been made over Government plans to charge people for water meters. Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins said the public will not stand for the charge – believed to be around €300 – on top of future water charges.”People understand that these combined taxes will quickly go to €1,000 and beyond,” said Mr Higgins.”They simply cannot afford it. It’s a further destruction of the potential in the economy, intensifying austerity and creating more economic problems.”People are absolutely right to oppose it and the campaign will intensify.”


Mass Revolt Threat Over Water Charges After Household Tax (Lyndsey Telford, Irish independent)

Earlier: Charged By The Meter

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)