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‘A warmth and a liveliness to her in them that photos sometimes miss…’

You can say that aris.

Christine Hurlstone Jackson?

Or should we say, go hailinn?

*lights clay pipe*

Old Ireland In Colour


Peig Sayers in happier times

Further to recent neo-Gaelgoir revisionism.

A case for the ultimate Blasket case.

Author Sarah Baume writes:

It doesn’t matter to me that she didn’t place her own words down on paper, for this is only one element in the process of writing. Elegant prose it isn’t, but there are few authors with a more authentically Irish voice. Though much of what she described was unrelenting hardship, she was, by all accounts, pragmatic and cheerful in the face of it. Peig Sayers spoke for generations of poor, uneducated Irish women who never had the opportunity to speak for themselves….


In praise of Peig Sayers, by Sara Baume (IrishTimes)

Go raibh maith agat Ultach