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Senator Marie Louise O’Donnell on the final People’s Debate last night

Last night.

TV3 broadcast its final People’s Debate with Vincent Browne from Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s constituency in Mayo.

Neither Taoiseach Enda Kenny nor Fine Gael TD Michael Ring attended.

Towards the end of the show, Mayo-born Senator Marie Louise O’Donnell stood up from her seat in the audience and said…

“If Enda Kenny is not here this evening, I am because I want to stand up for him. And I want to stand up for this Government. Robert Frost was asked, in front of the press, in 1965, ‘what is the greatest attribute a human being can have?’. And he answered, ‘courage’. Well, if you want to talk about Enda Kenny, we have to talk about courage, we have to talk about commitment and we have to talk about conviction. Yes.

“I have…I have the privilege of going around this country talking to groups and organisations and people and when I go around Mayo and I look at the magnificent Wild Atlantic Way, I can tell you this: I do not want to go into a ship that’s going into a storm. I want to be with a steady, recoverable government, that continues what it began. And you should be with it too.”

Right so.

You may recall Ms O’Donnell’s glowing report of Enda Kenny to Pat Kenny on RTÉ, following the general election in February 2011.

Ms O’Donnell was nominated to the Seanad by Mr Kenny on May 20, 2011.

Watch show back in full here (go to 90mins for Ms O’Donnell)

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