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A short by Steve Kirby, written and narrated by Alain de Botton in which we oberve:

the relationships of two couples engaged in the cycle of nagging: a shirking husband and his long-suffering wife, and a daughter who has become unreceptive to her mother’s tyrannical lessons.


balzer-4 balzer-2 balzer-7 balzer-1 balzer-5

Digitised and animated versions of some of optical device collector Richard ‘Dick’ Balzer’s many phenakistoscopes –  illustrated disks that used persistence of vision to create (often morbid) animated loops when viewed through a slit in a mirrored enclosure.


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jazz jazz1

A short about ‘earworms’ (irritatingly catchy tunes that refuse to leave your head) from Rune and Esben Fisker of Denmark’s Benny Box studios.