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File Pics Mater hospital representative says it cannot comply' with abortion legislation.

I recall talking to someone whose wife had recently experienced an emergency during pregnancy.

Admitted under her gynaecologist in a very well regarded religious-ethos hospital, she was in a serious condition and needed an emergency termination. A member of medical staff pulled the husband aside and advised him, in an undertone, to seek a transfer to another hospital in another part of the country, immediately, because he could not guarantee that she’d be given the lifesaving treatment she needed in this hospital, because of its religious ethos. She was transferred to a hospital three hours away by ambulance, and, after being treated as required, made a full recovery.

My friend thought this legislation would make that situation a thing of the past, but he was wrong.

We’re back to a situation where a woman who is pregnant – and has the money to choose where she is treated – will have to spend some time researching the religious ‘ethos’ of her hospital and even her doctor to ensure that she will be treated in accordance with the law. If – like most of us – she doesn’t have a choice about where she’s treated, a few decades of the Rosary might be advisable instead.

No Mater what (Deirdre O’Shaughnessy, Cork Independent)

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Nothing Really Maters

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)


“The Mater can’t carry out abortions because it goes against its ethos. I would be very concerned that the Minister [for Health, James Reilly] sees fit to make it impossible for hospitals to have their own ethos.”

Father Kevin Doran, a member of the board of governors at the Mater Hospital quoted  in today’s Irish Times.

Ethos, you say?

The three members of the board of Dublin’s Mater Hospital were key to the decision to stop trials of the drug for lung cancer patients.
They objected because female patients who get could get pregnant would have to take contraceptives under the treatment.
The subcommittee of the board – including  Fr Kevin Doran – were delegated the task of examining the conditions attached to testing the drug.

Ah, that kind of ethos.

Three who stopped the cancer tests (Eilish O’Regan and David Quinn/Irish Independent, October 2005)

Priest on Mater board says hospital cannot carry out abortions (Kitty Holland, Irish Times)

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