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Jeremy Masding, CEO of PTSB Permanent TSB (with Chairman Alan Cook, pic 3 above) at a press conference yesterday in relation to mortgage overcharging that saw some people lose their homes.

But how did he remain so serious and controlled.

And not even crack a smile?



Reppy writes:

A hand written reminder written by Jeremy Masding as he addressed the media yesterday . Captured by Irish Times photographer Brian Lawless….

Oh he’s good.






A manager at bailed-out Permanent TSB got a €451,000 pay-off in the months immediately after the bank’s rescue by taxpayers last summer, the Irish Independent has learned.

He was among 300 workers at Permanent TSB who shared a pot of €28.7m since the bank’s €2.8bn rescue last summer.

The payoffs were part of a redundancy bonanza that paid out a total €56.8m to 701 individuals in banks after they were rescued. Fresh details emerged last night of the generous deals for staff at AIB, EBS, Permanent TSB, Anglo and Irish Nationwide.


Bank Jobs: Pressure On Noonan After €450,000 Payoff (Laura Noonan, Irish Independent)