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Qantas CEO Alan Joyce

Alan Joyce aged 48, was born in Ireland and began his career with Aer Lingus. He joined Qantas in 2000, and became its CEO in 2008.

At a business leaders function in Sydney at the weekend organised by the Australian Marriage Equality campaign Mr Joyce told the audience

There’s one expression I love about Australia – that it’s “the land of the fair go. At Qantas, we call ourselves “the spirit of Australia” and see ourselves as representing our community.

We want all the people who come to work every day to feel equal. To feel that they can contribute equally in the organization, and in the country. So any piece of legislation that still says ‘you’re different’, ‘you’re second class’, ‘you don’t have the same rights as everybody else’ is bad for everybody’s position.’

‘As a gay man running the biggest iconic brand in the country, I believe Australia is a meritocracy. I don’t know many countries in the world where you would see that happening – the national airline, this iconic Australian brand… I’m Irish, and I’m gay, and I run this company.

‘And when you think of the history of this country, being one of the first to give the vote to women, our progressive nature has somehow gone missing on this issue.’

Now, if the referendum in Ireland passes – and it has great support there – then the only nationality that we can’t get married on is our Australian nationality. Which is terrible!

Australian business leaders call for same-sex marriage to become law (GayStarNews)

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 PERTH—Australian airline Qantas Airways Ltd. grounded all its domestic and international flights in response to a worsening labor strike over pay and conditions, in a move that will see flights suspended until Sunday at the earliest.

Thousands of passengers world-wide have been affected, with more than 13,000 booked to fly into Australia over the next 24 hours. Some 108 aircraft were grounded in 22 airports around the world.

Group chief executive Alan Joyce said the strikes had so far cost the company some A$68 million (US$72.8 million).

“I have no choice but to force the issue,” Mr. Joyce told a news conference in Sydney, estimating the decision will cost the airline some A$20 million per day. The airline claims some 70,000 passengers and 600 flights have been affected since the strike actions began.

Qantas Grounds All Flights World-Wide (WSJ)

Alan Joyce?

Previously: The P-Word

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Qantas chief Alan Joyce has received racist death threats as the company’s bitter battle with unions continues

The threats, which are being investigated by both the Australian Federal Police and NSW police, are being taken seriously and Mr Joyce has been advised to review his home security. The Dubliner has hired bodyguards to accompany him to some events.

A typed letter, sent to Mr Joyce’s home, read in part: “It’s coming soon Paddy. You can’t even see it! The Unions will fight you … Qantas is our airline, started & staffed by Australians, not foreign filth like you. All your evil plans … will come back to you very swiftly, & kick you (sic) Irish FOREIGN ARSE out of the country.”

Now. Isn’t that nice?

“It’s Coming Paddy!”, Death Threats For Qantas chief (Irish Echo)

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