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Fresh from the printers.

The TENTH issue of Rabble magazine, part of the Rabble alt news multi-media behemoth.

Lovingly crafted by the sinister fringe.

For the sinister fringe.

And not just politics as usual

Reddy writes:

On the cultural front there’s an interview with Fran Hartnett and Giles Armstrong. Two names synonymous with Irish Techno, while Paul Herincx brings us to the heart of a thriving sound system scene in Waterford. Sean Finnan chats to some heads making poetry a threat again  and Piper Harry Bradley fills us in on how uptight arseholes screwed up trad.

Rabble rumble!

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Ahmet-AtakanAhmet Atakan, 22,  who was killed on Monday night during a confrontation with police in the Turkish city of Antakya

Rónán Burtenshaw writes:


The Turkish protests have seen a major escalation in the last few days. Protests at ODTÜ in Ankara and by the Alevite community in Tuzluçayır culminated in a sixth death on Monday. Tuesday then saw mass demonstrations across Turkey in memory of Ahmet Atakan, marking the biggest single day of activity since early summer.
…If commentators were predicting the petering out of the Gezi Park resistance then September will have given them a surprise. The movement seems in better shape to build towards the new year than it seemed a month ago. The latest wave will need to survive what is likely to be a significant escalation in state violence and develop beyond mass protests into efficient, democratic structures in communities and workplaces. If it can then it seems likely that the government is in for a long autumn and winter.


Sixth death as trouble renews (Rabble.ie)