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It’s very difficult to tell what’s going on at the centre of our galaxy, what with interstellar dust blocking the view of conventional telescopes. In other bands of light however, such as radio, it’s a pretty lively place. To wit:

The featured picture shows the inaugural image of the MeerKAT array of 64 radio dishes just completed in South Africa. Spanning four times the angular size of the Moon (2 degrees), the image is impressively vast, deep, and detailed. Many known sources are shown in clear detail, including many with a prefix of Sgr, since the Galactic Center is in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius. In our Galaxy’s Center lies Sgr A, found here just to the right of the image center, which houses the Milky Way’s central supermassive black hole. Other sources in the image are not as well understood, including the Arc, just to the left of Sgr A, and numerous filamentary threads. Goals for MeerKAT include searching for radio emission from neutral hydrogen emitted in a much younger universe and brief but distant radio flashes.

(Image: MeerKATSARAO)


Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 16.13.04

Ed writes:

Not sure if anyone’s brought this piece in last Sunday’s Sindo to your attention already, but it reads like a Fortean Times press release, on speed. I work with an environmental NGO, and safe to say I’ve never heard of the potential of this awesome super incredible irradiated water. And what’s with that second last line (‘Intriguingly, chickens and sheep fed the energised water turned into giants…)?


Wave goodbye to global warming, GM and pesticides (Tom Prendeville, Independent.ie)