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A Troxler Nuclear Moisture Density Gauge


It’s a Troxler, you damn fool.

This afternoon.


A nuclear gauge containing a radioactive source is among a number of items stolen from a van in Drogheda, Co Louth.

The van was parked in The Downs, Highlands, and the items were stolen sometime between 6pm yesterday and 6.30am today.

A Troxler Nuclear Moisture Density Gauge containing a radioactive source was taken. The device is used by engineers to measure density and moisture content in construction materials.

The Environmental Protection Agency said there is a potential risk of exposure to radiation, particularly if the case is opened and the equipment is activated.


That’s all we need now.

Radioactive device stolen from van in Co Louth (RTE)

Pic via Troxler Labs

preventersAnd did you nick these seven lightning preventers?

RTÉ reports:

“Gardaí have issued a warning to the public after radioactive material was taken in a burglary in Swords, Co Dublin over the weekend.

“Seven lightning preventers, which were contained in a red metal box, were taken during the course of the burglary.”

“They have the appearance of aluminium or stainless steel but are of no scrap value.”

“Gardaí say these are highly dangerous and should not be touched or approached.”

“The Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland has said “if handled they will cause radioactive contamination to the person’s hands and clothing with the possibly of internal radioactive contamination.”

Gardaí issue warning over stolen radioactive material (RTÉ)