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Rufus Bluestuff is a monster.

He sounds suspiciously like Irish music-media hero Ray Wingnut, and the fact that they have seldom, if ever, been seen in the same room together is highly suspect.

John Sharpson, or Sharpy, as his parents don’t call him, is his buddy. He’d like very much to be a YouTuber, like all those other lads that get paid stupid money to fool around online.

Together, they are ShaRuf.

If you have missed the long-respected television format of fully-functional adult human beings giving out to by their puppet associates over their broadcast desk, look no further.

ShaRuf on YouTube


Irish music mainstay and broadcaster Ray Wingnut presents new online show The Guerrilla Sessions, streaming online as an extension of his Spin ALT show, every Sunday morning.

Interviewed in this episode: Lynched, the iconoclastic folk band, soon to be renamed Lankum, ahead of their final dates under the name, including Vicar St. on the 26th.

Guerrilla Sounds