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Ultan Mashup writes:

Finally. Justice for Gingers. The Harry ‘Gingers Can Get Big Ideas Now’ age is upon us.



945670_133502920183051_39926322_n1014021_174593019407374_1487601292_nNot even the guy with the quiff?

Oh no.

The irresistible rise of the red-haired male continues with the first mercifully pube-free exhibition devoted exclusively to red male hotness.

Few of the Broadsheet ‘rusty posse’ (now greying) banished to the back of the number 10 in the 1980s can quite believe it, in fairness.

They kept the dream alive.

Red Hot Exhibition Redchurch Street, London, December 16- 22 (Facebook)

Rebranding Redheads (Mail Online)

Thanks JoanF


The dying ginger gene mapped across Europe.

NUI Maynooth Biology professor James McInerney writes:

This diagram shows the distribution of red hair in Europe…


Genomic data is likely to answer a few questions on this [the reasons cluster of red-haired people] – like whether Red hair was more widely distributed throughout Europe in the past and nowadays it is only found on the periphery because of a later take-over of Europe by people that didn’t have red hair or alternatively, Red Hair might have originated in those places where is is found now and it never had a wide distribution….


No word on brown haired men who have red beards then.

Never mind.

The distribution of red hair in Europe (James McInerney)