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This morning.

A new report by Focus Ireland has revealed an increase of 31% from over 1,300 families in homelessness to over 1,700 families in the year to May 2018.

It has also revealed an eight month-long anomaly in 2016 in the otherwise constantly rising upward trend probably related to an increase in housing benefit.

The Family Homelessness End of Year Review 2017 reveals:

While the total number of families experiencing homelessness saw an increase of 203 (17%) in the Dublin region, a total of 976 families became newly homeless over this period, while a further 94 returned to homeless-ness

With only one exception, from 2013 until August 2016, the number of families becoming homeless in each month was higher than the corresponding month in the previous year.

BUT from August 2016 until April 2017, this pattern was reversed

From May 2017 the older pattern reasserted itself, and every month since has shown an increase on the previous year’s inflow figure.

While it is not possible to conclusively name the reason for this the trend began in August 2016 following the increasing of rent supplement and Housing assistance payment (HAP) rates to bring them in line with market rents.

The reversal of that trend seems to be occurring as rental inflation and decreasing supply has moved beyond the range of this increase

There you go now.

Record 14,500 homeless helped by Focus Ireland last year (RTÉ)