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Rod Stewart

Tonight on RTÉ One.

On the Late Late Show.

A pre-recorded interview with singer Rod Stewart will be broadcast.

Sarah Whitecare, of RTE, writes:

During the clip [above], host Ryan Tubridy presents Rod with a collection of poetry by Joseph Mary Plunkett, published in 1916. When asked why the story of Joseph Plunkett means so much to him, an emotional Rod said:

“It’s everything about h​im, everything about him. This guy was so… Sorry… [gets emotional] This guy was a very intelligent man… so were all the leaders… It just means so much to me because it was just f**king unfair the way the Irish were treated.”

Unnaturally spiky.

The Late Late Show is on RTÉ One tonight at 9.35pm.

Yesterday: Staying In Tomorrow?

Behold: the 1970 Lamborghini Miura P400S Bertone, and not just any old Lamborghini Miura P400S Bertone.

Rod Stewart’s Lamborghini Miura P400S Bertone.

Well one of them – he had two (both parked outside his home in Southgate in 1970 in the photo above), each sold on after a few years of ownership.

With a full €400,000 Polo Storico in-house restoration, the car is presented in its original state.

Maggie May I?

You certainly may. For upward of €1.54 million.