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MVRDV-the-stairs-rotterdam-giant-staircase-installation-designboom-02 MVRDV-the-stairs-rotterdam-giant-staircase-installation-designboom-03 MVRDV-the-stairs-rotterdam-giant-staircase-installation-designboom-01MVRDV-the-stairs-rotterdam-giant-staircase-installation-designboom-04 MVRDV-the-stairs-rotterdam-giant-staircase-installation-designboom-05

The Stairs To Kriterion (or simply, The Stairs) – a giant scaffolding staircase designed by MVRDV leading from Stationsplein, outside the entrance of Rotterdam’s central station, to the top of the Groothandelsgebouw.

Opened this week from 10am to 10pm and staying open until June 12th, the structure is an homage to the Dutch city’s rebuilding drive in the aftermath of World War 2.