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The Royal Enfield WD/RE (aka the ‘Flying Flea’) saw action during WW2 when it was designed to be dropped behind enemy lines via glider.

This is the Pegasus 500 Classic – a remake by the original manufacture which ups the engine capacity from 125cc to a 499cc parallel twin motor.

1000 replicas (complete with 1940s style canvas saddlebags) will go on sale later this year available in ‘Service Brown’ or ‘Olive Drab Green’


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The Stairs To Kriterion (or simply, The Stairs) – a giant scaffolding staircase designed by MVRDV leading from Stationsplein, outside the entrance of Rotterdam’s central station, to the top of the Groothandelsgebouw.

Opened this week from 10am to 10pm and staying open until June 12th, the structure is an homage to the Dutch city’s rebuilding drive in the aftermath of World War 2.


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This morning

Stephen’s Green, Dublin

Alyson writes:

Spotted from the offices of Century Ireland [‘digital newspaper and online resource for information and analysis on the critical 1913 – 1921 period’]…

Shell shocked, poor lad.



It was pipe-loving 1916 cosplayer Robbie O’Connor.

As you were.

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A fascinating article about the military deception using rubber tanks, mocked up artillery pieces and sound effects broadcast by the US Signals Division using state of the art amplifiers which gave the impression of large troop movements to mislead the Germans in the later stages of WW2. To wit:

All the men were told that they had to consider themselves part of a travelling roadshow ready to perform at a moment’s notice. One week they might pretend to be the 75th Infantry Division, the next the 9th Armored Division. ‘We must remember that we are playing to a very critical and attentive radio, ground, and aerial audience,’ Ghost Army commander Colonel Harry Reeder explained to his officers. ‘They must all be convinced.’

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A series of maps featured in Look At The World: The Fortune Atlas Of World Strategy (1943) by renowned US cartographer Richard Edes Harrison – skillfully hand drawn views of the globe (the precursors to modern satellite images) for the ‘air age’.

World War 2 Led To A Revolution In Cartography. These Amazing Maps Are Its Legacy (New Republic)