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This afternoon.

Dublin City centre.

Scenes from today’s clash between supporters of anti-Islam group Pegida Ireland, anti racist protestors and gardaí.

Irish Times reports:

Scuffles broke out when a small party broke away from the main gathering of anti-Pegida demonstrators and chased another group, believed to be Pegida supporters, down North Earl Street and into a discount store.

Members of the Garda Public Order Unit, approaching from Talbot Street, baton charged protesters outside the shop back towards O’Connell Street and then set up a cordon in the middle of North Earl Street.

RTÉ is to make a formal complaint after a senior staff camerman was injured “by a garda”. Laura Fitzgerald, communications manager for RTÉ news and current affairs, said “one of our cameramen was injured while working covering a demonstration and he was injured by a garda”. She said the camerman was receiving medical attention.


Ah here.

Scuffles break out at launch of anti-immigration group in Dublin (Irish Times)

Scuffles between gardaí and anti-Pegida protesters (RTE)

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Sam Boal/Rollingnews



The day that was in it.

Video via Rabble.ie

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