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Back in 2010, Youtuber max1morgan2 filmed door to door Advantage Wonder Cleaner salesman Kenny Brooks in full wisecracking, rapid-fire pitch mode.

The video went viral at the time. His hilarious monologue was even transcribed for posterity. A guest spot on Ellen seemed assured, but Kenny disappeared, prompting all manner of conspiracy theories including (subsequently disproved) rumours of his death.

To this day, no one seems to know what happened to him.



A  video of the dapper-suited, Manchester-born street seller extraordinaire Joe ‘the Gentleman Peeler’ Ades doing his thing at New York’s Union Square in 2008.

Such was his charm* that, for sixteen years, peelers funded not only his trademark bespoke suits but also a three-bed apartment on plush Park Avenue.

Since his death in 2009 at age 75, Joe’s daughter Ruth Ades-Laurent has taken his place.

(* We’ll take the five…)

(Photo by Trevor Little)