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From IDA magazine Innovation Ireland in 2014

This morning.

In The Irish Times, Karlin Lillington writes:

Let’s call it the San Francisco-fication of Dublin.

…The non-stop expansion of the tech sector, especially of multinationals, is a major (though not the only) engine behind these changes.

In comes yet another company, cornering another area of Dublin’s Docklands; up go pricey apartments to accommodate high-salaried employees.

Developers arrange deals to take social and affordable housing requirements off the table, trading them out to already-saturated communities at the edge of Dublin without adequate transport infrastructure.

Then, in a pincer movement, this limited market is further squeezed by landlords who AirBnB their properties…

How Silicon Docks is killing Dublin (Karlin Lillington, The Irish Times)

Pic: IDA Ireland

Mean while…

Today’s iIish Times

Localisation Girls writes:

Whither the role of Irish media and property supplements and ad revenue in tech g-entrification of Dublin…

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