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US Democrat Presidential hopeful Joe Biden

Joe Biden just pulled off the biggest, fastest and most unexpected comeback in modern political history.

Nothing about the former vice president’s electoral history, hitherto lackluster campaign and the dynamics of this presidential race suggested his Super Tuesday rampage.

The former vice president’s three White House campaigns were a punchline until Saturday. It took the 78-year-old 33 years to win a single nominating contest. Now he’s suddenly turned into a primary machine, reeling off 10 wins in a span of four nights.

Joe Biden’s historic and unbelievable political comeback dominates Super Tuesday (CNN)


President Donald Trump weighed in on Super Tuesday results Wednesday morning, focusing mainly on his claim that the Democrats are plotting to deny the nomination to his favored candidate, Bernie Sanders.

“The Democrat establishment came together and crushed Bernie Sanders, AGAIN!” Trump tweeted early Wednesday after a series of primaries generated more convention delegates for Joe Biden.

Trump weighs in on Super Tuesday, blasting Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren – live updates (USA Today)

Ah here.