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Sandymount Strand, Sandymount, Dublin 4.

Ann Marie Boylan writes:

At lunchtime yesterday. FIVE of these went racing past. Gardai arrived soon after these were taken…



A ‘Ringsend Car’.

Bickerstaff writes:

The vehicles in your Sandymount Chase post reminded me of the original ‘Ringsend cars’ once used to transport passengers across the soggy mudflats of Dublin Bay – a stretch described by one visitor as ‘one of the most horrible stinks of filth I have ever encountered‘.

The cars were simply made and consisted of a frame formed with an axle between two wheels and a bench supported on two shafts slung between them. A bumpy ride!

Francis Elrington Ball, in his History of Dublin, records extremely competitive races by the car drivers on Sandymount strand on their days off.

Pic: South Dublin Libraries