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What colour does the Moon appear to be? Well, that all depends. To wit:

Outside of the Earth’s atmosphere, the dark Moon, which shines by reflected sunlight, appears a magnificently brown-tinged grey. Viewed from inside the Earth’s atmosphere, though, the moon can appear quite different. The featured image highlights a collection of apparent colours of the full moon documented by one astrophotographer over 10 years from different locations across Italy. A red or yellow coloured moon usually indicates a moon seen near the horizon. There, some of the blue light has been scattered away by a long path through the Earth’s atmosphere, sometimes laden with fine dust. A blue-coloured moon is more rare and can indicate a moon seen through an atmosphere carrying larger dust particles. What created the purple moon is unclear — it may be a combination of several effects. The last image captures the total lunar eclipse of 2018 July — where the moon, in Earth’s shadow, appeared a faint red — due to light refracted through air around the Earth. The next full moon will occur at the end of this month (moon-th) and is known in some cultures as the Beaver Moon.

*drops monocle*

(Image: Marcella Giulia Pace)



If you remember Tiny Tim in the charts, you’re probably too frail to be looking at this website. The young and vibrant, however, will know his squeaky stylings from ‘Help Wanted’ the pilot episode of Spongebob Squarepants.

It’s a ‘Bob classic. But we can’t find a clean link. So there’s a shiny tenpence up for grabs in the comments section.

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