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The Break Up – Leiko, Woody & Siyo.

Bop bop.

Alan Newman writes:

I’m from the Hip Hop group The Animators. Myself and one of the other Animators, Leiko, teamed up with local MC Siyo & Singer Woody to piece a short music video about a break up together. We were wondering if your readers would have feedback for it? It’s shot in Eddie Rockets, Flannery’s, Camden Street and random houses around Dublin.


“Wake up. Here’s your Weetabix.”

The very excellent iLL Psychz with Weetabix (Wake Up!) featuring Ayzee Surgeon.

Darren Scott writes:

After spotting The Animators getting some much deserved coverage on your website (fair play, lads are doing it big!) I thought I’d post my most recent track and video (shot by the same director as The Animators) to ye to see if there was any chance of getting it posted or reviewed.