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Last night.

Bray, County Wicklow.

Dan Mangan writes:

Has the sun gone to my head or does this cloud look like Ireland?


The Broadsheet Buke of Unspecified Things That Look Like Ireland (edited by Aidan Coughlan, New Island €5) Some still in stock!

aidan's cakeFollowing a year marked by personal loss, physical illness and the hot triumph of The The Broadsheet Book Of Unspecified Things That Look Like Ireland (New Island)…

…Aidan Coughlan, the buke’s editor, celebrated his birthday with a cake made by his partner in suitably chocolate-crammed cartographic fashion last night.

He’s eight.

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 19.18.31BGTf8WmCIAEusJN.jpg-largeBGTgo-8CYAEMxSr.jpg-large
photo-4Scenes from INSIDE the launch of the buke at Hodges Figgis, Dawson Street, Dublin, within the past 30 minutes or so. Including (top) buke editor Aidan Coughlan (with temporary’claw’) and his lovely mother, Mrs Coughlan, John Moynes (mustard pants) and Joe and Keith (above) from de wireless.

Some tay issues apparently.

More as we get it.

Pics Via Ciaran le Cool, Aaron,


TBBOUTTLLI editor Aidan Coughlan’s middle right finger proved less flexible than his famous double-jointed thumb this week.

The break, hurt while lifting boxes of unsold bukes apparently GAA-related, has forced Aidan to wear an elaborate polio-era sling at tonight‘s buke launch in Hodges Figgis, Dawson Street [Dublin].

He had only returned to cycling following the theft of his back wheel during Broadsheet’s all-night US election coverage in November.

Aidan shall be greeting visitors with a solemn bow and delicately clasped hands in the Buddhist tradition.

Should you be in the area, please feel free to drop in  Optimum time would be around 6.30-8pm, we are assured.

There may be tay.