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 Ian Ritchie (right), creator of the Dublin Spire (top), and proposals for Notre Dame (left)

Ian Ritchie – who is best known for designing the Spire of Dublin, – plans to submit a competition entry including a spire that would be “a refracting, super-slender reflecting crystal to heaven.”

The structure, which would be made of crystal, stainless steel and glass, Ritchie said, would “get to touch heaven’s clouds in a piece of celestial gothic acupuncture.”

“I think it would need to be perforated — at least 50 per cent empty space to eliminate wind loads — and could be a beautiful contemporary tracery of glass crystals and stainless steel,” he added…

France launched a competition for designs to rebuild Notre-Dame (Insider)

Ian Ritchie, creator of the Spire in Dublin—one of the most vacuous large monuments in the world—said that the Notre-Dame spire should be “a refracting, super-slender reflecting crystal to heaven,” a glass version of his Dublin monument, in fact.

If French president Emmanuel Macron had any sense, he would forbid any modernist British architect from coming within a radius of 100 miles of Notre-Dame—not that French modernist architects are any better, of course.

The Egos Are Landing in Paris (Theodore Dlarymple)


Theordore Dalrymple?

The Spire — nicknamed the ‘Stiletto in the Ghetto’ — was originally touted as being ‘self-cleaning’ as it was designed to allow rain to flow off, taking any dirt with it. Indeed, because of this it is still believed to require less cleaning than it would otherwise. However, an average of almost €225,000 has been spent on maintaining the structure each year between 2003 and 2011.


‘Self-Cleaning’ Spire’s Upkeep Costs Hit €2.1m (Edel Kennedy, Irish Independent)

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)