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Maximillian Busser and Friends, the manufacturer of this elaborate Star Wars TIE fighter inspired music box sez:

 These lattice-like vertical wings support and protect the dual music cylinders, each playing three melodies: the theme tunes from Star Wars, Mission Impossible, and James Bond on the right and The Godfather, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, and The Persuaders on the left.

The music is powered by two independent movements mounted on the two tail sections. The side wings play a vital role in propagating sound vibrations down from the combs to the naturally amplifying resonant base, manufactured by JMC Lutherie.


On Tuesday, Europe, Asia, and Africa got to see a nice partial solar eclipse as the Moon passed in front of the Sun, blocking as much as 85% of the solar surface. The extraordinarily talented astrophotographer Thierry Legault travelled from his native France to the Sultanate of Oman to take pictures of the eclipse.

But what’s that silhouette in the top left quadrant?

It’s only a frickin’ TIE fighter is all, claimed StarWarsBlog.

No, sighed DiscoverMagazine, it’s the International Space Station.

Epic astrophotography win, either way.